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A group exhibition featuring the works of Carlmel Belda, Cezar Cardel Jr., Christian Carillaza, Mark Francisco, Siefred Guilaran, Lyndon Maglalang, Isidro ‘Manong Jon’ Santos, and Franz Marion Vocalan

A fraction of a whole

“By judging everything based on a single unit, we enter into conclusions on mere fractions rather than eventualities and collective manifestations of a whole. Our thoughts are limited to what’s in front of us, and our imagination is too lazy to go beyond the immediate. Our gaze is fixated on just a part of a bigger picture, focusing only on the physicality rather than the potential.”


Vista Parcial” is a play on the senses. Using a variety of media, KUTA Artists Group members Carlmel Belda, Cezar Cardel Jr., Christian Carillaza, Mark Francisco, Siefred Guilaran, Lyndon Maglalang, Isidro “Manong Jon” Santos, and Franz Marion Vocalan create a series of works that provoke and challenge the way we typically perceive reality. Each piece becomes a window to a new world, where buildings, figures, and everyday objects are carefully draped in a choice combination of colours and forms, every shift and nuance in hue an attempt at depicting a reality that is often changing and, at least for the human eye, quite fleeting and difficult to grasp.

Taken from the Spanish phrase which directly translates to “partial view,” the exhibit allows us to realise the human mind’s tendency to assess reality only in fractions, always gazing towards a significantly limited view of what actually exists, and in the process, ultimately simplifying the physical into smaller, distinguishable elements that are easier to comprehend. Varying in composition, form, and technique, the subjects come to life as semi-real possibilities of the realities we tend to overlook. They are presented in multiple sets, each possessing a distinct character that prompts the eyes to move, from one frame and figure, to another, and the next, and so on, in a steady rhythm that stimulates the sight to imagine, observe, and identify, between the things we can see at first glance, and those which conceal themselves beyond the sweep of our restless eyes. In “Vista Parcial,” the act of seeing is transformed into one of seeking, where we eventually are able to tap into a reality that is often obscured and hidden from plain sight, and where singular fractions of reality shift and blend into a fuller and more encompassing perception of the physical space we reside in.

Words by Elle Lucena

Nabuo ang KUTA Artists Group noong 2005 mula sa dating magkakasama sa grupo na KAKTUS kung tawagin. Si Isidro ‘Manong Jon’ Santos ang tagapagtatag nito.
Dating kasapi si Manong Jon ng Neo-Angono at Angono Junior Ateliers. Kabilang sa mga kasapi ng KUTA sina Siefred Guilaran, Gretel Balajadia, Dzen Salanga, Cesar Cardel, Franz ‘Nano’ Vocalan, Aui Suarez, Christian Carillaza at iba pa. Karamihan sa kanila ay mga naging estudyante ni Manong Jon sa workshop na kaniyang naibigay at mga nag-aral at nagtapos sa URS Angono College of Fine Arts.

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