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A solo exhibition by Gerry Castro

A Portal to Art and/in Music

In “Acuity,” Gerry Castro presents abstract pieces in ink on paper and mixed media on canvas, attaching raw sound assemblages of his own composition. By integrating his audiences to his process, he creates engaging and collaborative encounters with his artworks. The artist introduces a different way of seeing art by combining the visual object with sound snippets.

For his creative process, he uses ambient noise and recorded sound mixes for free-flowing, unstructured and impromptu sonic assemblages, sometimes including elements from his everyday life such as human breath, electronic pulses and gadget alerts, capturing texture, mood and feeling in the particular moment of creation. Recording in darkness, the artist immerses himself in the experience, and endeavors to encapsulate his impressions into visual form, translating them into strokes, dashes and scumbles. One form gives birth to another, as he draws inspiration from his recorded sound to put his paintings together, and complements the finished object, as he uses this specific sound to be enjoyed with the painting.

Castro’s childhood fascination with shapes, color and form are rendered into a series he calls Oculus Etude, which when translated directly means a portal to a short musical composition. He takes advantage of the tonal quality of monochromes by creating waves in random patterns, while his mixed media pieces show more energy and vibrancy in the combination of hues, lines and random patterns. Armed by his art education, affinity to music making, his experiences in film and photography, and pure instinct, the artist creates arresting pieces that appeal not only to one’s sight, but hearing as well. Postcard-sized sketches, photographs and other elements relevant to producing his materials are on display with samples of his art music in cd format to provide more dimension to his multisensory exhibition.

Gerry Castro graduated with a degree in Fine Arts majoring in Advertising from Philippine Women’s University. After studying photography and filmmaking, he went into freelance art direction and served as creative consultant for several local and global institutions and organizations. With his learnings from the industry and his incessant drive to create, he decided to focus on art making in 2015, developing his techniques in painting and sonic assemblage.

Words by Kaye O’Yek

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