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A group exhibition featuring the works of selected artists.

Of Casualty and Coincidence

#synKronize” features recent works from Ejem Alarcon, Jhun Alianza, Thirdy Bustamante, Demosthenes Campos, Kiko Capile, Jay Condeno, Rene Cuvos, Demet Dela Cruz, Regie Dela Torre, Nelson Ricahuerta, RV Rivera, Roel Salvatierra, Migi Sebastian, Mike Seiling, Salvador Sierra, Jocel Tabudlo, Nissa Tayle, and Pablo Zingapan. Fresh from the successes of the past year’s exhibitions, these selected artists set their clocks anew as they embark on a new start. Elegant abstract works, realistic figurations, fantastic characters and systematic minimalisms all have their place in this timely exhibition.

With individual approaches to what is contemporary and what it means to them, the artists in “#synKronize” used their unique techniques in art making to produce works that speak to them and of them at this particular period. As they tackle personal paths in their art practice, each is tasked to delineate their responses to the most timeless of questions, that of how an artist makes art, and how that piece of art is made different through each perspective. Paintings and mixed media works range from Demetrio dela Cruz’ trompe l’oeil creations that tempt the viewer’s touch, simply to determine the materiality of three dimensional views, Salvador Sierra’s realistic rendition of a girl viewed through a bubble, Pablo Zingapan’s depiction of posed bombshells relegated to their bare bones, Rene Cuvos’ menagerie of hybrid characters boasting of their existence both in the animal and fantasy worlds, and Demosthenes Campos’ exploration of found objects and textured fragments and their ability to create different depictions of the physical in his pieces, among others.

In the search for creative impulses that lead to fulfillment on canvas or otherwise, perhaps the key is simply to give in to making, as production has no space for analysis paralysis and waiting in vain for the arrival of that ever-elusive spark of inspiration as each stroke of paint on canvas causes its own corresponding effect. Everything seems to be in its own perfect place and time, with events holding meaningful coincidences to everyone.

Words by Kaye O’Yek

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