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A solo exhibition by Kirby Roxas.

Nowadays everyone is keeping themselves safe from this pandemic, physical distancing, and following other basic health measures. No more gathering, no more unnecessary errands, must stay at home to be safe. These health precautions affect our normal life, separate us from each other, depriving ourselves to go outside. This pandemic brings us insanity and depression. But on the bright side this is the time to spend more time to our family, to restore times from the past, to take a break from a busy life. In keeping ourselves in distance not only to fallow the basic health protocol but also to see ourselves apart.

Distance between us, is not only about our physical separation against this pandemic but this is also tackles the status of life, the beyond in pursuing the reality. The distance of forecasting of how to plan the future.


A warm affection in a calm endless horizon. A tangible feeling of indescribable words, an intimate passion of a purely emotions. Beyond this utopian scenario is a landscape of uncertainly and insanity. An intangible feeling of doubt and separations, an inmate instead of intimate, precautions over passion. How can these emotions be a new normal?


A classical still life of a roses on a surreal human hand vase offering an attraction. On the other panel of the still life is depicted in an inverted color of human hand vase letting the flowers offered whimsically like a pyrotechnics. This negative hue images might turn attractions into doubt. Interactively the artwork can be also view thru the camera’s effect to conclude if it’s a Fatal Attraction?


A portrait of a house wife, who is always stay at home doing all the household chores and her duties as a mother. Putting house on her head signifies her commitment to be a devoted house wife while everyone is just around. During this time of pandemic everyone force to stay at home to be safe, but this house wife will do all the errands regardless of her safety. Quarantina, as a mother, as a Frontliner.


The promise land, the playing grounds. The pendulum of life in reaching dreams through promises. Sometimes the other is on top and the other is on the bottom. To play with this game of life one must exert effort to push the other on top. The gravity of promises pushes the dreams weightlessly.


A subliminal portrayal of engagement and commitment. A distance dating on planning a future in trials and in success, in the darkness and in brightness. Whispering the thoughts of intimacy in shaping the fruit of the same dreams.

Words by Kirby Roxas

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