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A group exhibition featuring the works of Filipina artists Diwa Abueva, Babylyn Geroche Fajilagutan, Nina Garibay, Paola Germar, Shalimar Gonzaga, Arco Iris, Genavee Lazaro, Pam Quinto, Maia San Diego, Marilou Solano, Tekla Tamoria, and Janelle Tang.

The Woman as Artist

For much of history, the artist was a man. From ancient antiquity to the high renaissance, man was always at the forefront of artistic development, whether it be in developing novel techniques and art-making processes, or beautifying the surfaces of important historical landmarks. Even the concept of the artist as a genius – an all-knowing, well-rounded individual marked by the likes of Da Vinci and his contemporaries – was personified and imagined as a man. The question of woman’s role in art history persists through the ages, and it is only in recent times that we can finally assess why and how these conditions came to be so.

To the question of why there are no great women artists, Linda Nochlin responds that the conditions for art-making did not allow for women to become artists in the first place. There are, indeed, some women artists who have managed to make a name for themselves, but they are very few compared to the countless male artists whose works continue to grace large museums and private collections. However, things today are much different. As more and more women pursue artistic careers, we are given the opportunity to study the ways in which their persistence in art-making continues to shape and form the contemporary art scene as we know it today.

An annual celebration by Kaida Contemporary, “Wombvox” brings together a selected roster of talented Filipina artists to showcase their recent works. Varying in technique and style, the exhibition is a study on the contemporary art scene and how the inclusion of women artists continues to change and further art-making as a practice, and how, finally after all these years, the role that women have begun to assume in art history has moved from being muse and model, to creator.

Words by Elle Lucena

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