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A solo exhibition by Jose Tence Ruiz

Three years into the most impolite government the Philippines has had since 1898, “potahMATIC” emerges as a release valve, a mandatory articulation and ventilation of constipated frustration. What, pray tell, is so frustrating? The desire to have your chief executive lead his nation with a minimum of decorum that inspires even an iota of respect, as opposed to the bullying, profanity-laced, folksy dishonesty with which he feels he renders populism as democracy – a democracy propped up on the least of the least common denominators. In this quasi- fascist epoch, there are divergent art tendencies : Some prefer to deflect into the pleasant, the saccharine, the birds, the butterflies, the kittens, the doe-eyed puppies, the perennial broken hearts of juveniles. Others attempt to view the issues, the forfeiture of patrimony, the abiding martyrdom of the powerless, the roots of oligarch greed, the abandonment of the basic sectors and struggle to come to terms with them with insight and, even, a modicum of elegance. “potahMATIC,” coined somewhat from a knee-jerk expletive, attempts some of the latter.

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