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A solo exhibition by Carlo Caloy Gernale

A zoetrope of a broken nation

Throughout history, diptychs have been used to convey the sense of continuity and connection, a concept Carlo Caloy Gernale touches on in his latest solo exhibition “Pares.” Rather than presenting a simple narrative, Gernale traces how individual images that carry their own weight and history may be juxtaposed against one another and ultimately contribute to the persisting discourse on current social issues.

Gernale employs the use of diptychs to further his point across, conceptualizing how pairs of vastly contrasting images may complement one another despite their purported differences in subject matter; as such, each panel in “Pares” may be perceived as a standalone work. However, Gernale adds another layer to this process of interpretation by systematically positioning the panels to form a more coherent and complete picture of Philippine society.

The collection of works in this exhibit is a study on current social issues and concerns, a topic Gernale continually draws inspiration from. Familiar scenes and images are illustrated in realistic detail against a backdrop of grim and gloomy colours, the greys of the figures rendering the subjects almost lifeless and cold, a rather straightforward statement on the complicated and at times cruel, socio-political landscape of today’s era. Gernale finds direct inspiration from mass media outlets such as television and social media, and even personal conversations with friends and acquaintances. The constant and unceasing interactions amongst people and their physical and social environment, as well as the ways in which these elements respond to one another, form the gist of Gernale’s body of work.

In “Pares,” the interconnectedness of the works augment the overarching narrative Gernale is seeking to tell. Like a zoetrope in motion, each piece complements the next, and the next, and the next, forming a dynamic interpretation of the ever-changing state of a healing nation.

Words by Elle Lucena

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