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A solo exhibition by Raphael David.

The magical event when fantasy and realism coincide becomes the primary concept of Raphael David’s first solo show Magic Forest. David explores the interconnectedness of nature and all other living beings by examining man’s propensity for natural symbiosis.

David presents a choice selection of works which visually play with a variety of life forms. Plants, animals, and humans morph into singular creatures, depicting a rather profound understanding of the connection between man and nature.

Harnessing the ground’s resources, David chooses metal and wood as his mediums to create. Malleable enough to imitate familiar life forms, both materials’ intrinsic resilience and sturdy properties make for a visually stimulating depiction of the coexistence and interdependence of all living beings. David’s venture into the surreal recreates the fantastic and mystical without losing its touch on its immediate reality.

Raphael David (b. 1989) is a visual artist, designer, sculptor whose artistry shows wide range of different elements – from hyper-realistic human figures to surreal sculptural pieces.

He studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. In 2009, he won the 42nd Shell National Student Art Competition with his piece titled, Alagad ng Baboy. He was also a finalist at the 2017 GSIS sculpture category for his piece Accept and Regrow.

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