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A group exhibition featuring the works of selected artists.

In an intersection, somewhere in this adrenalin-pumped but altogether almost sincere world, a lady is standing under a traffic light waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green. Her face absent of makeup is painted with all signs of weariness and yet her eyes still has some unconsumed fire in it, raging and restless. During that endurable pause her mind would meander in an animated fashion towards one thing to another that more or less occupied her day. From the inevitable banal choices she has to make at morn, to the bad analogies that crosses her mind during moments of inattentiveness (a short but welcomed distraction from the rhythmic hum), to the elaborate plot in making a detour just to avoid the constraints and brutality of human traffic, to the point of enduring each whip blown by the winds of boredom, to the poor life decisions she made 10 years ago, these unremarkable things and more occur in her mind as the red countdown ticked to zero.

Then, just as unpredictable as the weather, a different thought blossomed in her mind. It was not small, that she was sure of. It was big, almost towering, but lurking in the shadows, waiting to be acknowledged. Her subconscious invitation for it to step into the light was subtle but it didn’t hesitate, and came in like a wave of overwhelming emotions that is dangerous when misinterpreted. Suddenly, all her indecisiveness, regret, and curbed desires slipped away and all that was left is the burning feeling of living, the desire to destroy all inhibitions, and the feeling of fearlessness to go beyond herself. The strong and aggressive ideas swimming in her head presented itself bare-naked and it took her breath away but it was something she couldn’t handle.

A few seconds before the halt sign came to an end, she closed her eyes and took a long and deep breath. The meaning and meaninglessness of existence bites everyone and some people are caught off guard. But not her. Not ever. When she opened her eyes the visual representation of a human being blinked green. One last breath. She took a step and crossed the road.

Words by Shalimar Gonzaga

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