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A solo exhibition by Paola Germar.

Only the past and the present are known. The future is an untouchable unknown that you will never reach until it has become the present, and, after, the past. All your movements are calculated to steer ourselves towards your wanted future. But there isn’t any way of ensuring your future. You hold on to all chances we get.

Any promise of good fortune is attractive. It’s attractive enough for you to attempt whatever it is even if you do not fully believe in it. This promise of good fortune, call it ‘luck’, makes up an increased possibility. Possibility does not mean reality but it’s better than no chance at all.

You go about our daily routine leaving everything outside of it to luck and chance that maybe something else will happen. You hold onto lucky charms and participate in beliefs without dwelling on them too much. You accumulate them in small quantities but never in bulk because they’re just second thoughts to you. Nothing special, nothing real. But, when things do go your way, it makes you wonder if it’s just a coincidence that you found a penny on the ground that day or did luck’s promise of possibility actually work? There isn’t any certainty in luck but you’re never certain of anything in the first place so, why not invest in a promise of possibility? It wouldn’t hurt to try your luck again a little bit more, right?

Words by Bianca Germar

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