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June 21, 2020 | Archives | No Comments

A group exhibition featuring the works of Bern Cruz, Lec Cruz, Don Dalmacio, Jonathan Olazo, and Vitamin See (Clang Sison).

“The difference between what he{artist} intended to realize and did realize, is the personal ‘art coefficient’ contained in the work.”

Marcel Duchamp

Over two centuries ago, Kant defined Noumenon or “a-thing-in-itself” as unknowable objects – existing only in our thought and independent from human sense. This proposes that concepts are different from what we physically see, feel or touch. Given no theme, Bern Cruz, Lec Cruz, Don Dalmacio, Jonathan Olazo and Clang Sison were given the liberty to create any idea they had in mind. With the limitations from the current state of our country, audience will be limited to only viewing them online. It forces us to fill-in the sensory experience with connecting thoughts drawn from the works’ titles, description and the viewer’s own physical state.

The exhibition invites the audience to simmer on the works, to intently observe the images/sounds despite the present limitations – a virtual space that seeks for the viewer’s intimate attention.


June 21, 2020 | Archives | No Comments

A solo exhibition by Athela “Tekla” Tamoria.

The lockdown trussed most of us into cavorting reflection. Tacked to housed stasis, we find objects to fiddle – disfigured dolls, yellowing family photographs, generations-old duster, crumbling baby sneakers, etc. During this downtime, “Manang ❤” thumbs through patchworks of homely rumination and embroiders a correspondence for the mother and child. The artworks reused textile oddments that are scantily accessible within the quarantined house, continuing their sentimental indices. The images are homages to vignetted matriarchs to unveil their domestic acts of hospitality for posterity. During her artist residency at Kaida Contemporary from June 25 to July 6, Athela Tamoria continues to work on household snippets of care that are aptly montaged through the meditative craft of sewing. Contact us for a viewing appointment of “Manang ❤” stitching in progress.