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A solo exhibition by Raphael David.

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations that makes human life meaningful and happier in so many ways. Their role on our lives is as old as civilization itself, and we can trace them through our religious texts, folk tales, and ancient myths.

Flowers, with all their infinite variety and beauty, carry meanings outside of the rational and material experience. We see them as vessels used to convey the deepest emotions and messages throughout our lifetime. Their presence is a reflection that although we can live life fully, we are nevertheless fragile all the same.

Raphael David’s sculptures with growing flowers on its body conveys our deepest emotions on experiencing change and celebrating life stages. It depicts how humans and flowers stimulate each other and react with one another to learn and grow harmoniously.

Corporeal Paradise” is an exploration of the stages of the human life cycle and its spiritual journey to mysticism. The connections between flowers and the spiritual realm is a potent one. Flowers assist us in discovering and rediscovering the divine beyond words.