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A group exhibition featuring the works of selected artists.

Beneath the shade of an umbrella

For more than a decade since its founding in 2006, Kaida Contemporary’s walls have served as a refuge for arts of all kind. Now an annual exhibition organised to celebrate the end of the year, Under The Broad Umbrella signals the culmination of twelve months’ worth of shows and events, a coming together of both artists, art workers, and enthusiasts, as they observe and discuss the ever-changing landscape of the Philippine art scene and the direction it is inevitably headed towards in the coming years.

This 2019, Under The Broad Umbrella showcases the works of 94 established and emerging artists. Against the white walls of the gallery space, each piece is a peek into their world, one that is both strange, colourful, and embellished with careful contemplation; altogether, they provide an introspective and thoughtful examination into the form, technique, and style that characterise contemporary art as we know it today.

Words by Elle Lucena