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A solo exhibition by Marlon Magbanua.

Music and Movement on Canvas

In Marlon Magbanua’s “Inert Lyrical Origin,” the artist delves into introspection in creating his artworks. Moving on from his synesthetic explorations, the artist now presents works that still retain a deep connection with musicality and harmony. He uses the groundwork of his past exhibitions and his stock references as musician and performance artist to create several pieces that show varying interpretations of his sources of inspiration, exploring various degrees of a starting point.

In The Womb, gold swathes of paint outline a spherical void where daubs of white and black are, along with a strong stroke of red. There are lines and shades of gray forming stone-like features and faint, semi-transparent lines. For his Origin series, he fixates on a neon pink shade that features prominently among the four pieces, along with drops and splashes scattered on fields of gray, white and black. Magbanua’s works then go straight to the firmaments in Limbo and Seventh Heaven, deftly expressing what might be a world in-between, with the aforementioned grays transformed into clouds now interspersed with blues and greens. Going further into far-reaching galaxies are his Nebula series on dark blue ground, fathomless and mysterious with a smattering of interstellar dust. He then rounds off his oeuvres with The Black Matter, juxtaposing primary colors on several diaphanous layers of white and gray, a floating distinctly against darkness.

By visually expounding on the concept of a constant and unmoving origin with his paintings, Magbanua has created works that demonstrate the breadth and depth of space, letting his audiences’ view expand towards unexplored galaxies beyond the gallery walls. Showing his art as not only melodic but ever-shifting, the artist shows greater control and intention in refining his craft, manifesting in his treatment of material, his cultivation of new techniques. Needless to say, it seems the artist is going towards broader, more promising directions. After all, his works might just be what sound looks like from outside the atmosphere.

Words by Kaye O’Yek


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A solo exhibition by Raphael David.

The magical event when fantasy and realism coincide becomes the primary concept of Raphael David’s first solo show Magic Forest. David explores the interconnectedness of nature and all other living beings by examining man’s propensity for natural symbiosis.

David presents a choice selection of works which visually play with a variety of life forms. Plants, animals, and humans morph into singular creatures, depicting a rather profound understanding of the connection between man and nature.

Harnessing the ground’s resources, David chooses metal and wood as his mediums to create. Malleable enough to imitate familiar life forms, both materials’ intrinsic resilience and sturdy properties make for a visually stimulating depiction of the coexistence and interdependence of all living beings. David’s venture into the surreal recreates the fantastic and mystical without losing its touch on its immediate reality.

Raphael David (b. 1989) is a visual artist, designer, sculptor whose artistry shows wide range of different elements – from hyper-realistic human figures to surreal sculptural pieces.

He studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. In 2009, he won the 42nd Shell National Student Art Competition with his piece titled, Alagad ng Baboy. He was also a finalist at the 2017 GSIS sculpture category for his piece Accept and Regrow.


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A solo exhibition by Paola Germar.

Only the past and the present are known. The future is an untouchable unknown that you will never reach until it has become the present, and, after, the past. All your movements are calculated to steer ourselves towards your wanted future. But there isn’t any way of ensuring your future. You hold on to all chances we get.

Any promise of good fortune is attractive. It’s attractive enough for you to attempt whatever it is even if you do not fully believe in it. This promise of good fortune, call it ‘luck’, makes up an increased possibility. Possibility does not mean reality but it’s better than no chance at all.

You go about our daily routine leaving everything outside of it to luck and chance that maybe something else will happen. You hold onto lucky charms and participate in beliefs without dwelling on them too much. You accumulate them in small quantities but never in bulk because they’re just second thoughts to you. Nothing special, nothing real. But, when things do go your way, it makes you wonder if it’s just a coincidence that you found a penny on the ground that day or did luck’s promise of possibility actually work? There isn’t any certainty in luck but you’re never certain of anything in the first place so, why not invest in a promise of possibility? It wouldn’t hurt to try your luck again a little bit more, right?

Words by Bianca Germar


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A group exhibition featuring the works of selected artists.

In an intersection, somewhere in this adrenalin-pumped but altogether almost sincere world, a lady is standing under a traffic light waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green. Her face absent of makeup is painted with all signs of weariness and yet her eyes still has some unconsumed fire in it, raging and restless. During that endurable pause her mind would meander in an animated fashion towards one thing to another that more or less occupied her day. From the inevitable banal choices she has to make at morn, to the bad analogies that crosses her mind during moments of inattentiveness (a short but welcomed distraction from the rhythmic hum), to the elaborate plot in making a detour just to avoid the constraints and brutality of human traffic, to the point of enduring each whip blown by the winds of boredom, to the poor life decisions she made 10 years ago, these unremarkable things and more occur in her mind as the red countdown ticked to zero.

Then, just as unpredictable as the weather, a different thought blossomed in her mind. It was not small, that she was sure of. It was big, almost towering, but lurking in the shadows, waiting to be acknowledged. Her subconscious invitation for it to step into the light was subtle but it didn’t hesitate, and came in like a wave of overwhelming emotions that is dangerous when misinterpreted. Suddenly, all her indecisiveness, regret, and curbed desires slipped away and all that was left is the burning feeling of living, the desire to destroy all inhibitions, and the feeling of fearlessness to go beyond herself. The strong and aggressive ideas swimming in her head presented itself bare-naked and it took her breath away but it was something she couldn’t handle.

A few seconds before the halt sign came to an end, she closed her eyes and took a long and deep breath. The meaning and meaninglessness of existence bites everyone and some people are caught off guard. But not her. Not ever. When she opened her eyes the visual representation of a human being blinked green. One last breath. She took a step and crossed the road.

Words by Shalimar Gonzaga