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A group exhibition featuring the works of selected artists.

Weathering Storms, Shade and Tea

Under the Broad Umbrella” at Kaida Contemporary has become a much-awaited yearly gathering of artists and their recent works. More than a hundred artworks fill the gallery, showcasing each artist’s take on today’s milieu. No themes are set, ideas are unbound. Folded paper patterns, merry mixes of found objects, street scenes, glorious gardens and fantastic creatures, quiet glimpses of solitude, pensive dreamscapes, nostalgic tableaus and even brooding images of impending explosion encompass the walls. It is an enticing gift for the gallery’s audiences, all wrapped up in the unlimited color palette of each individual participant’s creation. Each artist has something to say, in the best way one knows how.

As a person walks under the heat and rain, an umbrella becomes a valued contraption to have in one’s hand, providing shelter and protection against the harshness of elements. In the art scene, artists have to safeguard themselves from a barrage of disparate factors that hinder, repress and paralyze production. The gallery serves as haven for contemporary articulation without prejudice, allowing artists the freedom to shape their concepts into tangible objects. This broad umbrella of acceptance straddling artists’ diverse modes of expression serves this growing community of talents and supporters alike, rain or shine.

Words by Kaye O’Yek